Installation Requirements

Installation Requirements products ADS:

  1. ADS frame products are not the carrier is therefore necessary steel supporting structure, which bears all the load.
  2. It is necessary that the metal structure was robust enough could not be subjected to torsional vibrations and inclined by the wind.
  3. Lower housing should be on a horizontal plane, have no bends along its length.
  4. Prism (triangular tube while wearing her three removable plates - fins) requires that stood upright and perpendicular to the upper and lower housings ducts.
  5. ADS mount the base plate is done by screwing the upper and lower housing bolts with nuts and washers (see Figure 1). Side plates define the overall size and height are attached with screws to the upper and lower box body.
  6. In the manufacture of the frame to provide a mechanism adjusting the position of the ADS
  7. Prohibited fastened to the frame of the ADS, and then weld docking these parts, as it leads to deformation of the hull.
  8. ADS ready to mount in the frame.
  9. Prisms rotation should not cling to the metal structure parts.
  10. Installation must be supplied with power 220V 50 Hz.
  11. Obligatory presence of an electric machine with separate outputs for RDU and lighting.
  12. Provide grounding.
  13. If the damage is structural parts ADS, during installation, immediately inform the office of the Contractor, specifying exactly how much and what parts were damaged.
  14. By the time of arrival of the representative of LLC "Europrizma" for the implementation of commissioning, all of the above steps must be performed.

  1. Commissioning works ADS products made only representative of the manufacturer, LLC "Europrizma" at the written request of the Customer.
  2. The first representative of the quality checks run on the product's installation ADS supporting structure made of black metal.
  3. If the installation does not meet the manufacturer's installation, prepared pursuant to the Act.
  4. Complete the requirements for installation Representative of "Europrizma":
    • sets the drive (motor and gear) and electronics;
    • Start advertising produces dynamic installation and installs at customer duration of exposure information plane; recommended the most effective duration - 8, 10, 12 or 14 seconds;
    • employee firm produces briefing Customer who will be responsible for the technical condition of the ADS (content instruction - familiarization with correct installation and removal of the plates (lamellae), treatment with electronics and drive, frequency and content maintenance).