Recommendations for operation and maintenance

  1. Have the employee responsible for the technical condition of the ADS held instructed by the Representative of the manufacturer - LLC "Europrizma".
  2. Attachment is printing on removable plates (lamellae) are prohibited from advertising directly on the plane at ADS vertical arrangement of prisms. At the same adhesive flash pour moving parts. Posters glued on slats recommended in a separate room at zero temperature on the device with horizontal slats. After the implementation of sticking sharp cutter to cut neatly pasted poster gaps between the slats in the middle, remove fins and put them at an angle drip glue. Remove adhesive flash, allow the glue to dry and only then cut along the edges of the paper poster slats.
  3. Not allowed to lamella gluing more than two layers of posters. Bonding is desirable to produce the cleaned from the previous printing slats. Layers posters, bunches of dried glue, not the presence of adherent and bent edges posters reduce technological gap 3 mm between the prisms, which leads to jamming of prisms and output ADS failure.
  4. When installing the slats need to pay attention to their correct landing triangular tube. On each tube secured five plastic washers. Strips should be fully seated on all washers. Lamella must wear starting with the top washer. Lamella haul all the way down just for a special hole in the bottom of the slats. Lamella shoot if she stuck around the edges, using a screwdriver to hook in an indentation in the lower bearing triangular prism (precise instructions to staff and is responsible for the technical condition of the ADS during commissioning). Strips on plastic washers should dress freely. If not, do not apply considerable physical effort (can break). To deal with the cause, repair, and only after that to continue dressing.
  5. Do not allow the installation of deformed lamellae. This also leads to the wedging structure and its exit from the system. Please straighten (Align) and its only then put on.
  6. In the summer time technological stop ADS and his subsequent starts do not affect the performance of the installation. In winter, the presence of precipitation and freezing, especially if you stop ADS durable, its possible failure. Need to carefully examine before starting the installation and make sure that frozen precipitation were not or are not adhered to the moving parts of the ADS. If this happens, to prevent any damage, stop using the ADS and include it only after the removal of snow and ice.
  7. Produce their own low-maintenance, which includes:
    • Every 3 months lubricate steel bevel gears (located in the lower right corner of the ADS installation, under the cover);
    • Periodically check the condition of the supporting structure for the presence of distortions, looseness, loosening bolts and other fasteners.