"Prizmatrony" - three positional advertising dynamic set (ADS), where the demonstration screen consists of triangular prisms. Facets of prisms arranged in one plane form an integral advertising plane. Such planes at ADS type "prizmatron" three by the number of faces in the prism. With the help given by the rotation of the main drive prisms drive is equipped with an electric motor, remote control and the sensor stops the exposure time demo plane.

LLC "Europrizma" provides a complete production cycle from design to the finished product. Special requirements are plastic and aluminum parts, which is part of the product, a special aluminum alloy composition and constant monitoring process during extrusion profiles is the key foundations of the qualitative difference of our products in the market dynamic advertising.

The basis of the principle of changing scenes rolling. Using anti-friction additives comprising actuator parts nullifies the coefficient of friction, which is confirmed by long service life Europrizma ADS. Failure of the drive due to the natural wear of gears is not installed.


Three main types of prism dynamic installations:

  1.  ADS with sealed prism - screen (real field) consists of whole-extruded aluminum profile in the form
    of triangular prism. Drive Type «CLASSIC».
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    Advantages: lower price
  2. Disadvantages: poster glued directly on the board, the quality of such gluing low and wet and freezing weather attachment is impossible to implement. In the process of drying glue shield remains stationary, the other two subjects not exposed. Consuming and expensive operation.

  3. ADS Europrizma - removable screen (collapsible prism) - prism has three removable plates (lamellae) on a three-sided tube (core), which are glued printing images. Drive Type «CLASSIC», «EURO UNIVERSAL 100." Ability to install slat width of 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 190mm.  Mounting method slat by snapping in the clip. (widespread in Europe and Russia).

    1  1

    Features: clip has a resource availability up to 10 years.
    Gives you the opportunity to use louvre height of 4 meters and multi-tiered RDU MULTILEVEL. Drive Type «EURO UNIVERSAL 100», «EURO UNIVERSAL 150."

  4. ADS Europrizma CLASSIC 2000 - removable screen (collapsible prism) - prism has three removable plates (lamellae) on a three-sided tube (core), which are glued printing images. Drive Type «CLASSIC», «EURO UNIVERSAL 100." Ability to install slat width of 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 190mm.
    Mounting method slats aligned holes through the rear of the slats on the buttons and shift down along the core (This formula is designed folding prism LLC "Europrizma" is widespread in Ukraine and Russia).

    1  1
    Features: difficult installation with deformation lamellae.
    Advantages: fast replacement is prepared in advance to sign stories glued on some aluminum fins. This type used by major operators of outdoor advertising, and allows you to replace in a short time a large number of advertising surfaces. High quality posters.
    Disadvantage: The need for maintenance personnel, production areas for gluing and drying slats and availability of transport for rotation plots.

  5. ADS Europrizma ALUJUST combines the first two species in its advantages: relative cheapness plus minimizing maintenance. Posters are printed on PVC film (as opposed to a paper carrier advantage in image quality, durability and the possibility of re-hang posters in conducting actions in different places), change the plot takes a few minutes. Drive Type «EURO UNIVERSAL 100», «EURO 
    UNIVERSAL 150".
    Printed poster is cut into strips and inserted between the transparent screen guides on the aluminum 
    profile as a triangular prism in the advertising field (not the time of gluing and drying, there is no cost for 
    the rental of production space, replacing the plot easier because not lamella, and PVC plastic) .

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    Additional advantage of this type of collapsible prisms ADS Europrizma ALUJUST use it at the height of the advertising field from 4 meters, usually a size of the advertising field is filled story printed on a rigid banner. This view allows you to ADS on large advertising spaces replace static to dynamic media installation, which increases net profit by 4.5 times and becomes extremely profitable when placing the plot more than one month.

Possibility of roof installations.

LLC "Europrizma" serially produces all kinds of existing ADS, including ADS 3 x 6 m with the number of prisms with 58 pcs 5mm gap between the prisms and 3 x 6 m with the number of prisms 56 pieces with a gap between the prisms 7mm.